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Kids' Science Kits May Take Hit From Safety Ruling

Posted on in Product Liability

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been “mired for weeks in deliberation as it writes guidelines on what makes a product a "children's product." That guidance, expected Wednesday, is supposed to help sort out which products have to be tested under legislation passed by Congress over two years ago that requires rigorous safety checks for lead, chemicals, flammability and other potential dangers.” (9/29, J. Kerr, AP Washington).

This has elementary science teacher, among many others, up in arms because science kits used to get elementary kids interested in science may be a casualty as the cost of testing would outweigh the value of the product, and thus many companies would stop producing them all together, or raise prices so high that most elementary school budgets could not purchase these kits.

The reason behind the law requiring very stringent testing on materials such as lead, and chemicals is to ensure that the products are safe for children. Although there may be some adverse effects, the goal of the law is essential, and as a personal injury attorney in Chicago, I fully support comprehensive testing on children’s products.

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