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Many Workers Lack Documentation For Oil Spill Claim

July 8, 2010  ·  By HM&M


Although there are countless victims of the recent BP oil spill, there is one group that may end up being overlooked victims. Employees who are paid in cash, such deckhands and laborers, unfortunately don't have any way to prove losses in the BP claims process and could end up being “hidden victims of the spill.” (K. McGill, AP Hopedale, LA, 7/7).

As a personal injury attorney I am saddened by this hard truth and am hopeful that some will fight for the rights of those who probably need the monetary recovery the most. Charitable groups are “trying to find and help such people. One group, Horizon Relief, is contacting seafood-related businesses along the coast, seeking information on employees who might need help.”

Aid workers and lawyers suggest many reasons why some people may not come forward and file a claim, including: they lack tax returns and other necessary documentation or are overwhelmed by the paperwork; others cannot read and do not want to admit illiteracy; some worry that their failure to pay taxes on past cash income may create other legal trouble and do not want to face any additional obstacles.

July 8, 2010

Campbell Soup Recalls 15M Pounts of SpaghettiO's

The Agriculture Department announced Thursday that Campbell Soup Co. is recalling “15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs with meatballs after a cooker malfunctioned at one of the company's plants in Texas and left the meat undercooked.” (M.C. Jalonick, AP Washington, 6/18). The company is recalling cans made since December in “an abundance of caution” since they... Read More

July 8, 2010

Families Win $3.5 Million in Berwyn Band Teacher Abuse Lawsuit

Families of nine girls who say they were “bound, gagged, and molested” by a suburban Chicago band teacher were recently awarded a $3.5 million verdict by a federal jury. The families sued both the former band teacher, Robert Sperlik, and the former principal of the Berwyn school where Mr. Sperlik taught. (Chicago Sun Times, 7/9).... Read More

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