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How to Find a Medical Malpractice Attorney for Preeclampsia

May 20, 2021  ·  By HM&M

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If you’re the victim of medical malpractice, the thought of filing a claim can be daunting. Not only are you or a loved one dealing with the health repercussions resulting from the negligence of the medical team, but you have to fight the army of lawyers the hospital has on its side.

Who fights for your rights? How do you find an attorney who is willing and able to take on the medical establishment?

Taking on a malpractice claim requires a strong, experienced law firm that has the resources to evaluate your case, determine if you have a claim, and can seek compensation on your behalf.

Where do you begin?

Do You Need an Attorney?

Any potential preeclampsia claim must first meet the criteria established for a malpractice lawsuit. A child suffering a birth injury as a result of preeclampsia alone is not enough to justify a lawsuit. Rather, the injury must have been suffered as a result of negligence in providing a certain standard of care.

All patients have a right to a certain standard of care. Legally speaking, this is the degree of care provided by a practitioner of average skill and expertise in that particular specialty.

Again, though, failing to meet that certain standard of care alone is not sufficient for a malpractice claim. A successful claim must prove negligence on the part of the medical team.

How Do You Find an Attorney?

Finding a reputable law firm with the resources and expertise to tackle your claim can be a challenging task. You need a firm with connections to medical experts around the country who can review your case and determine if the doctors treating your case were at fault.

Some factors to consider when seeking an attorney to fight on your behalf include:

  1. Experience. You need an attorney who has a successful track record of arguing and winning malpractice claims. An inexperienced law firm may not have the resources to combat the army of attorneys defending the doctors and hospitals who were negligent in your care.
  2. Connections. Proving negligence on the part of the medical team entrusted to your care is a difficult task and requires a thorough examination of your case by medical experts.
  3. Resources. Medical malpractice cases can be extremely expensive to pursue.  You need lawyers who will be willing to work on your case for a contingency fee that only gets paid if there is a recovery in your case.  You also need lawyers with the financial resources to pay for case expenses–such as expert witness fees and court fees—during your case and until there is a recovery.

Do You Want to Talk to an Expert About Your Preeclampsia Case?

Contact us today if you believe you may have standing for a malpractice lawsuit.  At Hurley McKenna & Mertz, we have more than 75 years of collective experience successfully pursuing medical malpractice claims throughout the United States.  Our lawyers have won more than $500,000,000 in compensation for our clients.

Our team of malpractice attorneys has a comprehensive network of specialists who can evaluate your case and provide expert testimony on your behalf.

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