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Hurley McKenna & Mertz Partner Starts No Free Passes Initiative

May 21, 2015  ·  By HM&M

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Hurley McKenna & Mertz, managing partner, Attorney Chris Hurley, founded the No Free Passes Initiative after representing a family who lost the mother. He realized she could have been saved if the emergency room staff had more training on intubating patients. Multiple attempts at intubation is not acceptable. The more times a doctor and their team need to attempt an intubation, the more likely the patient is to have complications.

Attorney Chris Hurley has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years and has seen many clients or their family members live with life altering complications or death. After seeing many cases over the years that could have been prevented, Attorney Hurley came up with the idea for the No Free Passes Initiative to educate and train doctors and staff in the hospitals.

Those involved in the 12-month initiative program will go through the program through in-person meetings, webinars, advisory groups, and go through advanced skill training. They will talk with advisors throughout the program and receive coaching. These steps and programs are designed to ensure the teams involved will learn how to improve patient safety when attempting airway maintenance. With over 25,000 daily occurrences of life-threatening errors occurring daily in emergency rooms or intensive care units across the United States daily, improving patient safety is crucial.

Improving patient safety is always on the forefront of the initiative. Making sure the patient does not have to worry about if they are at risk for passing away in the emergency room or intensive care unit due to a preventable error is important. Educating and training doctors, nurses, and staff to prevent adverse airway events will decrease the amount of attempts at intubation and increase the likelihood of patients recovering with little to no complications. The No Free Passes Initiative is designed to give patients, starting in Chicago with a vision to go nationwide, peace of mind and educate doctors and hospital staff.

To find out more about the No Free Passes Initiative, contact us today. Ensuring patients are safe and do not have to worry when they need to go to the emergency room is a crucial part of the initiative. Too many lives have been lost or changed because of preventable mistakes.

May 21, 2015

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