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Over 2 Million Cribs Recalled Amid Safety Concerns

Posted on in Product Liability

As a products liability lawyer, I urge all consumers to stay on top of recalls and remove defective products from their homes immediately, especially those products affecting children.

This week, “more than 2 million cribs from seven companies were recalled amid concerns that babies can suffocate, become trapped or fall from the cribs.” (J. Keer, AP 6/24). Most of the recalled cribs were drop-side models. The movable side becomes problematic when it detaches from the crib, “creating a dangerous gap where babies' heads can become trapped, leading to suffocation or strangulation.”

The brands of cribs affected were: Evenflo, Delta Enterprises Corp., Child Craft, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and Simmons Juvenile Products Inc. Fortunately, no deaths have resulted from the defective products, but entrapments have been reported, leading to at least one hospitalization.

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