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Rollover Car Accidents

February 13, 2020  ·  By HM&M


Rollover accidents are some of the most deadly incidents on the roads today. When a vehicle is flipped over during an accident, the likelihood of serious injuries to the head and neck and fatalities are greatly increased. In fact, a 2007 study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Board (NTHSB) found that although only around 3% of the auto accidents in the United States are rollovers, they account for roughly one third of vehicle passenger deaths. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured or killed in a rollover auto accident, it is important to seek representation from an experienced Chicago rollover accident lawyer that understands the common issues involved in these types of cases.

What Causes Rollover Accidents

With the majority of car crashes, it is assumed that one or more drivers are at fault. This is not necessarily the case with an accident involving a rollover. Yes, it could very well be due to overly aggressive driving, but it is also highly likely that the vehicle itself was more susceptible to a rollover, mainly because it has a higher center of gravity. Sport utility vehicles are some of the most popular family vehicles on the road today. Ironically, one of the primary reasons that families purchase an SUV is they are assumed to be safer on the roads than sedans. However, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety research shows that single vehicle crashes (such as rollovers) account for 65% of SUV occupant deaths and 65% of pickup truck occupant deaths. By contrast, only 45% of sedan occupant deaths occur in single vehicle crashes. The increase in recalls in recent years from SUV and pickup manufacturers also shows that there is an inherent danger of rollover crashes with these types of vehicles.

When there is a rollover accident particularly involving an SUV or pickup truck, there is a strong likelihood that the product manufacturer may be at least partially at fault. This would turn it into a product liability case, which can become far more complicated than filing a typical auto accident claim against the driver and his/her insurance company. The car manufacturers have armies of high priced attorneys that will do everything possible to limit the amount they are liable to pay out to victims. If you go up against them alone, you may not end up receiving the compensation you deserve.

At Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C., we have over 20 years of experience representing victims of rollover accidents in Chicago, Cook County and throughout the country. During that time, we have established a strong track record fighting the big auto manufacturers when we find that their product is liable for a crash. If you have been injured in a rollover auto accident or someone close to you has been injured or killed, contact an aggressive Chicago rollover accident attorney at HM&M today for a free consultation. We will sit down with you to advise you of your legal rights and determine which parties are truly at fault for your injuries.

For a free consultation, contact Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. today at 312-553-4900 or fill out our online form to have a lawyer contact you.

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