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Study: Man-Made Chemicals Found in Cosmetic Products Raise Likelihood of Diabetes

Posted on in Product Liability

A recent study has found a link between phthalates, a group of chemicals used in cosmetic products, and type 2 diabetes. Phthalates are widely used in products such as nail polishes, hair sprays, and perfumes. In this study, women ages 20 to 80 were tested to determine the concentration of phthalates in their bodies. Those found to have the highest concentration of phthalates in their system were approximately twice as likely to have diabetes.

Researchers have suggested that these chemicals may disrupt the metabolism of fat tissue causing insulin resistance, which in turn can lead to diabetes.

As of right now, the FDA is monitoring consumers’ potential exposure to phthalates from the use of cosmetic products. If the FDA determines that a health hazard exists, cosmetic products containing phthalates could be taken off the market.

As a Chicago personal injury lawyer, I feel that this study must be followed up on immediately to determine the true extent of the risk posed by these chemicals. Considering that countless people use these products on a daily basis, these concerns must be taken very seriously.

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