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Study Reveals Important Information About Deaths and Injuries in the Workplace

September 3, 2015  ·  By HM&M

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As a personal injury lawyer, I see obesity at a serious problem; a problem that needs to be addressed by everyone. Parents see obesity as a problem, but not as their problem. This attitude needs to change, according to an annual obesity report that includes a new survey regarding parental attitudes. (M.C. Jalonick, Washington AP, 6/29).

The survey shows “an increasing awareness of obesity and its threat to public health, though 84 percent of parents say their children are at a healthy weight even though more than a third of children are considered overweight or obese.”

Considering that obesity rates increased in nearly 30 states last year, and Mississippi stands as the fattest state for the sixth consecutive year, this problem is not getting any less serious.

I am hopeful that everyone starts to take obesity seriously and makes the necessary lifestyle changes.

September 3, 2015

Safety Advocates and Victims of Commercial Truck Collisions Lobby for an Increase in Insurance Coverage Minimums

Patients who contracted fungal meningitis from tainted steroid injections are continuing to struggle with complications related to the illness. For instance, a 73-year-old man spent a grueling 18 days in the hospital with fungal meningitis, only to be brought back to the hospital after his initial release for 25 days to treat a spinal abscess... Read More

September 3, 2015

Protecting Your Loved Ones: How Prevalent is Nursing Home Negligence in Illinois?

Punitive damages, which are awarded to plaintiffs when a defendant has acted willfully, maliciously, or fraudulently negligent, are intended to deter similar future acts. Tort reformers and the media often attack this form of compensation, however, claiming it is frivolously and excessively awarded without cause. Yet an investigation of the evidence suggests quite the contrary.... Read More

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