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Unsafe Driving May Have Led to Fatal Bike Accident

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Last night, a mother of three was killed on the South Side of Chicago when her bicycle collided with a truck. The driver of the truck received citations for driving while license suspended, operating a vehicle without insurance, and driving an unsafe vehicle. Family members of the deceased woman are questioning why the driver was not arrested and are asking any witnesses of the accident to come forward immediately.

The woman driving the truck has a long history of driving violations in Illinois, which include multiple speeding tickets. As a car accident attorney, this woman’s troubled driving history indicates that she may have been driving in an unsafe manner when she struck the bicyclist. Many unsafe drivers are either unwilling or unable to improve their driving habits even after multiple citations and/or accidents. Unfortunately, in some cases it is just a matter of time before a tragedy results from this unsafe driving. I hope the police are able to complete a full investigation of this accident, and if it is determined that the driver was at fault, do whatever it takes to keep her off the road

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