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Why the Disturbing Sexual Abuse Cases Against DuPage Medical Group and Vernon Cannon Should Worry You

March 20, 2024  ·  By HM&M

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It’s your healthcare provider’s duty to protect you, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Even at the hands of a trusted physician or healthcare professional, many patients fall victim to unexpected sexual abuse.

So why does this keep happening, and what can you do to prevent this trend from spreading? We uncover answers below, including examples of sexual abuse at the hands of a doctor and what you can do to combat this alarming trend.

Why Does Medical Misconduct at Healthcare Facilities Keep Happening?

Sexual misconduct within healthcare facilities is a deeply troubling issue that continues to plague the medical profession, leaving patients vulnerable and underscoring systemic failures in the healthcare system. Despite efforts to address this pervasive problem, instances of abuse persist, raising critical questions about why such misconduct continues to occur. We detail several of these reasons below.

The Abuse of Positions of Power

One primary factor is the abuse of power by physicians and other healthcare providers. In the hierarchical structure of healthcare, providers often wield significant authority over their patients, creating an environment ripe for exploitation. Patients, particularly those in vulnerable positions, may feel powerless—or even confused and ashamed—to speak out against inappropriate behavior, further emboldening perpetrators.

The Slow or Lack of Response from Licensing Agencies

The sad reality is that even if you file a complaint to a medical board, most won’t take disciplinary action against the physician. Many are slow to implement regulations and oversight to prevent abuse and ensure accountability. Even if a medical board does act, by then the perpetrator will likely have committed the same crimes of abuse against other patients.

The Greed of Healthcare Facilities

Unfortunately, at some healthcare facilities, revenue takes priority over patient care—especially ones operated by private equity-owned medical practices. In some cases, such as those against obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) Vernon Cannon and the DuPage Medical Group, physicians are allowed to continue practicing because their employers deem critical functions such as handling reports of misconduct as unnecessary. In fact, even after reports of misconduct were filed against him, Cannon was only disciplined for not generating enough revenue for the practice group.

Learn More About Sexual Abuse at Medical Practices

Practicing without a Guardian

Another contributing factor to the persistence of sexual misconduct in healthcare facilities is the practice of letting doctors provide care without a guardian or chaperone. While this is intended to respect patient autonomy and privacy, it can also create opportunities for abuse to occur behind closed doors and away from the scrutiny of others. Without proper supervision and oversight, patients are left vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous providers who take advantage of their position of trust.

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The Cases Against OB-GYN Dr. Vernon Cannon and DuPage Medical Group

Amidst the alarming surge of sexual misconduct lawsuits, the case involving OB-GYN Dr. Vernon Cannon and his former employer, DuPage Medical Group (now operating as Duly Health and Care), stands as a distressing example of systemic failures within healthcare institutions. Our team has filed a staggering 53 lawsuits against Dr. Cannon and DuPage Medical Group, shedding light on a disturbing pattern of negligence and abuse.

Patients have accused Dr. Cannon of misconduct ranging from practicing while intoxicated to inappropriate sexual relationships with patients, highlighting a pervasive disregard for patient safety and well-being. Despite multiple reports of Dr. Cannon’s concerning behavior, DuPage Medical Group allegedly failed to adequately supervise him, allowing him to continue practicing unchecked.

So, what can you do to ensure your safety and hold perpetrators accountable? Keep reading for more information.

How to Combat Sexual Misconduct at Your Healthcare Facility

As a patient, there are steps you can take to ensure your well-being and contribute to a culture of accountability within healthcare settings.

First, it’s essential to be informed about your rights as a patient and the policies and procedures in place to prevent and address instances of misconduct. Familiarize yourself with the reporting mechanisms available at your healthcare facility and don’t hesitate to speak up if you witness or experience any inappropriate behavior. Keep all your health records on file in case you need them.

Next, trust your instincts and be vigilant about any red flags during your interactions with healthcare providers. If something feels off or makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion or request a different provider. Your safety and comfort should always come first, and it’s okay to advocate for yourself if you feel that your boundaries are being crossed.

Finally, understand that one of the only true ways to ensure justice is by seeking legal help. A skilled attorney specializing in medical malpractice or personal injury law can provide invaluable support and guidance throughout the legal process. They can help you understand your rights, navigate complex legal procedures, and advocate on your behalf to secure compensation for damages incurred.

Fight For Justice Against Sexual Misconduct by Physicians

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for patients to fall victim to sexual abuse by physicians or hospital staff. You are not alone, and our team understands what it takes to help you gain the peace and closure you need to move forward. We’ve worked with 53 patients of Dr. Vernon Cannon and DuPage Medical Group and would be honored to fight for your justice, too. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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