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Working With Dr. Vernon Cannon—What to Do if You’ve Witnessed Inappropriate Behavior

November 23, 2022  ·  By HM&M

DuPage Medical Group, now known as Duly Health and Care, is accused of negligence in a sexual assault incident that occurred in 2018. 

Filed April 30, 2021, the complaint alleges negligence by the organization in its failure to stop sexual abuse and sexual assault and battery by obstetrician-gynecologist Vernon Cannon, M.D.

Dr. Cannon was employed by DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) from 2007-2019 in Bloomingdale, Naperville, and Wheaton, Illinois. He also had hospital privileges at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois. 

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a female patient, known to the courts as Jane Doe, who alleges that Dr. Cannon initiated nonconsensual and unwanted sexual contact during a colposcopy appointment in 2018. According to the filing, DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) negligently employed Cannon despite multiple patient complaints—including allegations that he practiced while inebriated. 

Did you witness inappropriate behavior while working at DuPage (AKA Duly Health and Care) and/or with Dr. Cannon? Your eyewitness experiences could help survivors of sexual abuse. Discover what constitutes abuse and how to contact someone to share what you’ve seen. 

What Constitutes Inappropriate Behavior by a Doctor?

As a DuPage (AKA Duly Health and Care) employee or while accompanying a patient to an appointment, you may have witnessed Dr. Cannon engage in unwanted, inappropriate behavior. 

There are many interpretations of what constitutes “inappropriate.” In these situations, Dr. Cannon was reported by patients for acting “unprofessional,” being “under the influence of alcohol,” “slurring his words,” and having “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

Other red flags of inappropriate behavior by a doctor include: 

    • Making unwanted physical contact.
    • Performing a procedure the patient didn’t agree to. 
    • Making the patient feel uncomfortable in any way. 
  • Insisting that they be in the room alone with the patient, even if it’s not medically advisable or necessary.

This type of behavior can indicate negligence by the doctor and/or the health organization. Here’s how. 

What is Negligence by a Health Organization?

A doctor or health organization has a responsibility to ensure a patient’s safety. While there are different types of overarching negligence—including negligent supervision, failure to institute adequate policies and procedures, failure to provide an effective “chain of command,” and negligent credentialing—DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) is accused of negligent supervision and failure to enforce appropriate policies. 

That’s because the group was allegedly made aware of the complaints against Dr. Cannon for his behavior, but retained him on staff, allowed him to continue treating patients, and neglected to enact any disciplinary or remedial measures. 

DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) has roots throughout the midwest with more than 1,000 providers treating patients in over 150 locations. If it is allowed to continue enabling behavior like that of Dr. Cannon’s, more patients could be at risk. 

What Should I Do If I Witnessed Something?

If you have information about Dr. Cannon, DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care), or witnessed inappropriate behavior while working with Dr. Cannon, it’s imperative that you speak up. If a doctor sexually abused you, there are resources to help you find closure.

Hurley McKenna & Mertz is building a case against DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) to seek justice for the Jane Doe mentioned in the complaint, as well as other patients who have since come forward. We need your help to ensure Dr. Cannon and DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care) cannot make any more patients into victims. 

Please contact us today if you have information about Dr. Cannon or DuPage Medical Group (AKA Duly Health and Care). You are entitled to confidentiality and sensitivity in any discussions with our team. 


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