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Chicago, Illinois Construction Accident Lawyers

Over 9 million people nationwide work in the construction industry. U.S. workers employed in the construction industry make up approximately 6 percent of the country's workforce, but they suffer from about 20 percent of all work-related fatalities. The construction industry has the largest number of work-related deaths of any American industry sector.

Some of the results obtained by the Chicago construction accident lawyers of HM&M in the area of construction accidents are:

  • $1,140,000 - Verdict in a construction accident for a carpenter whose index finger was amputated by a defective Delta table saw.
  • $800,000 - Settlement for a 50 year old electrician injured on the job when a clay tile hit him and injured his neck.

Construction-related injuries come from a variety of sources. Falls, dropped equipment, cranes, overhead power lines, scaffolding, motor vehicles, and use of heavy equipment are among the most common sources. However, other dangers such as carbon monoxide, confined spaces and trench cave-ins can also cause serious and even fatal injuries. Workers in all trades are exposed to a variety of dangerous conditions at worksites due to negligent and dangerous conditions and practices of architects, general contractors, subcontractors, product manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and others.

A construction site accident can be extremely serious, and may cause permanent disability, loss of a limb, blindness, head injury, fractured or broken bones, amputation, scarring, and wrongful death. They can also involve the following work circumstances:

Often the medical bills will be large, and there may be a long period of disability and lost wages. Worker's compensation may pay for some of the medical bills and lost earnings, but worker's compensation cannot adequately compensate an injured worker for permanent losses and disability arising from a serious construction accident.

When you are injured in a construction accident, your employer may do everything in the company’s power to prove that you were at fault, and to deny you fair compensation. This is financially beneficial to construction companies, and a company that provides an unsafe work environment has already proven its willingness to bend the rules to increase profits. You deserve an aggressive, devoted, and experienced firm of trial lawyers on your side dedicated to fighting for your right to fair compensation.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, it is essential that you hire qualified and experienced trial lawyers to handle your case. The lawyers at Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. have successfully represented clients who were injured on construction sites throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

Knowing that these injuries often leave the victim incapable of travel, our Chicago construction accident lawyers will come to you–at your home or in the hospital–to meet with you and to begin work on your case. We handle cases from the initial investigation through trial. Because of our successful trial results, we are able to get many of our clients a fast and fair settlement of their construction accident claims.

A Sample of Our Successes

  • $1,140,000 - Verdict in a construction accident for a carpenter whose index finger was amputated by a defective Delta table saw. A flaw in the extension table caused the piece being cut to jam and force the plaintiff’s hand into the spinning blade. Tried in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.
  • $800,000 - Settlement for a 50 year old electrician injured on the job when a clay tile hit him and injured his neck.
  • $800,000 - Settlement for a construction worker who suffered electrical burns from a nearby power line while installing aluminum siding on a home that was being built too close to a power line.
  • $400,000 - Settlement for a pipe-fitter whose shoulder was injured in a construction accident when struck by a falling pipe on the job.

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