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Preeclampsia malpractice can result in birth injury or even death.

If you think your doctors may have been negligent in treating your preeclampsia, contact us using the confidential form today.

Preeclampsia is a severe condition affecting both mother and child. Left untreated, it could result in lifelong birth injury to the child, including damage to key organ systems or cerebral palsy. Additionally, the mother is at risk for severe complications, including death.

Treatment of preeclampsia can yield a happy, healthy baby, with few residual long-term issues. But unfortunately, there are times when a medical staff fails to properly diagnose or treat the condition, resulting in permanent injury to the child—including brain damage and cerebral palsy.

As a preeclampsia patient, you have the right to a certain standard of care. If you feel the doctors and nurses treating you were negligent in handling the preeclampsia case for you or someone you love, you may have grounds for a malpractice claim. 

Our team of compassionate attorneys has represented many victims of medical malpractice and has the knowledge and experience to help you through this traumatic time for your family.

Contact us today to begin exploring whether you may be entitled to compensation.

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