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Order Sealing Chrysler Defect Records Overturned by Ninth District Court

January 31, 2016  ·  By HM&M

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Time and time again, corporations selling deadly or defective products manage to conceal their wrongdoings from the public eye. Even as more injuries, deaths, lawsuits, and settlements pile up, indiscretions are sealed and hidden through sealed court documents. It is both disturbing and disgusting. And it happens much more frequently than most people realize.

Remington, Chrysler, Trinity, AMG, and More

A power system defect that caused Chrysler vehicles to stop without warning while driving them is just one of the many examples of companies that have been allowed to seal lawsuit documents, continue to sell their products, and not issue a recall. As was the motion filed by plaintiffs in lawsuits against Chrysler—a plea with the courts to force them into notifying their customers of the danger. Yet it, along with the majority of evidence, was originally sealed. Just like in so many other cases:

Guns that fire without a finger on the trigger. Payday loans that not only take advantage of, but actually scam borrowers into paying more money. Guardrails that kill people. Medical devices that, despite their risk of death or injury, continue to be used and implanted. Cars that suffer from any number of dangerous and deadly defects but remain on the roads, putting countless people at risk. But a recent overturning of the secrecy order concealing Chrysler’s defect records provides hope for a new, less dangerous future for consumers.

Ninth Circuit Overturns Gag Order

In a movement that both lifts Chrysler’s conceal-and-seal order and makes it more difficult for corporations to hide incidents of misconduct in the future, the Ninth Circuit overturned Chrysler’s motion to conceal records in exchange for a settlement before the final determination. It is, quite literally, a game-changing decision—one that will hopefully become standard in all defective product cases. And maybe even save lives.

Defective Product Injury or Wrongful Death? Seek Qualified Legal Counsel

The Ninth Circuit decision is only the first step in the right direction; we still have a long way to go. Corporations still have means and methods that they can use to avoid paying compensation to the people they kill and injure with their defective products. Do not let you or someone you love be one of their many unpaid victims; instead, seek qualified and experienced legal counsel.

The Chicago, Illinois defective products attorneys at Hurley McKenna & Mertz, take an aggressive approach to protecting victims’ rights against negligent corporations. Dedicated to justice and honesty, we believe that fair compensation should be paid, and that manufacturers should be held responsible for the lives they impact with their faulty products. To see how we may be able to assist with your case, call 312-553-4900 and schedule your free initial consultation today.


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