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Cough Syrup Recalled Due to Contents of Undisclosed Morphine

February 5, 2016  ·  By HM&M

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cough syrup recall, Chicago product liability attorneyA cough syrup distributed by Master Herbs, Inc. is being recalled because it contains undisclosed morphine. Made in China, the licorice cough syrup was distributed in 100 ml bottles at Chinese grocery stores in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, and Nevada. Although to date, no one has reported being harmed by the medication, the implications are highly concerning, particularly for those that may have an oversensitivity to morphine.

Side Effects of Morphine

Morphine, which is a powerful narcotic, can cause a battery of adverse effects, ranging from stomach cramps to respiratory problems and death. Those that suffer from oversensitivity are especially prone to severe and potentially fatal side effects. Although, typically, symptoms subside, those that are suffering from respiratory distress, severe allergic reaction, or other potentially fatal symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

Risk of Overdose

Because morphine was not listed on the product's packaging in English, there is a risk of morphine overdose for those that suffer from oversensitivity or failed to follow the cough syrup's dosing recommendations. Symptoms may include extreme drowsiness, increased blood pressure, increased thirst, lower back or side pain, no muscle tone or movement, fever, decreased awareness or responsiveness, among others. An overdose may not always be fatal, but it can be. As such, anyone concerned about their symptoms should speak with a licensed physician or seek emergency medical treatment.

Addiction to Morphine

The little-discussed issue of the recalled cough syrup is its propensity for addiction, and the impact it may have on those attempting to stay sober from a morphine addiction. According to statistics, opiate addiction affects approximately 10 percent of the population. Moreover, many of the people who suffer from addiction started out taking a morphine prescription from their doctor. As such, those that have taken the recalled cough syrup could be at risk for either addiction or relapse.

Injured by a Defective Drug? Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help

Whether it is an over-the-counter medication, such as the licorice cough syrup, or a prescription provided by your doctor, drug manufacturers have a responsibility to the public. They must provide information regarding the drug's contents and its potential side effects. Those that suffer injury because they failed to do so are entitled to seek fair compensation for the impact the drug has had on their lives.

If this applies to you or someone you love, the skilled and dedicated attorneys of [[title]] can help. Committed to justice, honesty, and advocacy, we will work hard to build a solid case against the negligent manufacturers, giving you the best possible chance for a successful verdict. Call our offices at [[phone]] and schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Chicago defective drug attorney today.


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