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Fisher Price Recalls Millions of Toys

Posted on in Product Liability

Toy manufacturer Fisher-Price announced Thursday that it has “recalled about 10 million toys because they were dangerous to children.” (CNN Wire, 9/30). The toy manufacturer states that the recall involved just less than 3 million baby play areas with inflatable balls because of reports of choking.

The company ultimately discovered that a valve from the inflatable ball could detach from the ball and become a choking hazard. To date, just less than 50 incidents have occurred in the United States. These include 14 reports of the value being found in the child’s mouth, and 3 choking incidents. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

The recall also affected more than 7 million tricycle. The recall was prompted by 10 incidents of cuts to children caused by a protruding part of the tricycle. 6 of these instances required medical attention.

Additionally, Fisher-Price also said it recalled “about 120,000 small car toys because of at least two reported cases of the wheels coming off, causing a choking hazard.” Along with the toys, the manufacturer further recalled several types of high chairs after reports of children being cut by the chair’s legs.

As a product liability attorney, I encourage all parents to take action immediately to ensure their children’s safety. Furthermore, always be attentive when young children are playing, especially when there is a choking potential caused by small pieces of toys. Customers can look on the Mattel website, or can call the Fisher-Price hot line at 800-432-5437 for additional information.

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